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Gain full access to the website.

Much of the content is inaccessible. You will have full access to all pages and receive weekly updates.

Tailor the sites 200,000 word content.

When you first join you complete a sequence of 10 questionnaires. This can be done over many days and you can come back and revise any section. The information helps us to tailor the websites 200,000 words of content. It will also help us to track your progress and tailor the email we send you:

  • Starting statistics (Age, starting weight, weight history, height, belly measurement, waist measurement, thigh measurement, Chest Measurement, neck measurement and lifestyle, family & work history).
  • Your goals. You rank certain goals in terms of importance (Weight loss, Greater strength & power, Add muscle, Muscle toning, Belly loss, Get off medications, Reverse illness, Improve flexibility, Look younger, Break food addictions, To have more energy, Stress reduction, Increase testosterone).
  • Your worries. Highlight if you are worries about certain things (Diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, liver health, kidney health, thyroid health, alcoholism, heart attack and stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, poor circulation, eyesight health, gout, digestive health, arthritis & osteoporosis, prostate health, testosterone levels, hormone balance, oral health, ageing, skin health, loss of libido, Alzheimer's, depression, stress, sleep disorders)
  • Current health status
  • Eating habits.
  • Current fitness levels.
  • Food likes. You will review over 100 foods and tell us if you like or dislike them.
  • Exercise likes and dislikes. You will review just under 200 exercises to indicate to us if you cannot do then, like them or love them.
  • Intermittent fasting and fasting. We try and ascertain you eating frequencies.
  • Micro-nutrient strategy. We gather information on your nutrient status and supplement intake.

Access to livechat and email support

If you have any questions or need specific advice, you can use our live chat facility or get prompt email support.

Receive a personalised micro-nutrient strategy.

We cover all the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) together with the critical water soluble vitamins (the B vitamin family and vitamin C). We also cover all  the essential mineralsfatty acids and amino acids.  If you are deficient in several of these micro-nutrients, you will become fat, weak and suffer chronic illnesses.

Virtually every disease and health problem can be traced back to a micro-nutrient deficiency. We cover 70 micro-nutrients and give an intake strategy for each that covers mainly food and some smart supplementation.

Access the full health guides.

Learn about how to prevent or reverse serious metabolic diseases. Mainstream medical advice has failed dismally over the last 50 years. Not only is conventional health care not working, it is killing us too by treating the symptoms with drugs. We have detailed health guides covering: Heart health, gout prevention, bone and joint health, children's health, stress management, immune system, eye health, autophagy, kidney health, gallbladder health, sleeping and insomnia, thyroid health, skin health, testosterone boosting, diabetes, fasting, blood pressure, anti-ageing, cognitive health and acuity, gut and digestive health, liver health, intermittent fasting, cancer prevention, teeth and oral health.


Receive a tailored exercise plan based on your goals and ability.

Your personalised HIIT routines are chosen based upon:

  • Your available equipment. No equipment, kettle bell, barbell, resistance band etc. Also if you have gym access or not.
  • Where you are. at home, the gym, at work, on holiday, at the beach etc.
  • Your goals. Strength, weight loss, cardio performance.
  • Body area focus. Choose to work on any part of the body.
  • Eating status: Being fasted or non-fasted. Get into ketosis faster.
    ● Favourite exercises
    ● Exercises to avoid

Track your performance and progress over time.

3010 is an education journey, where you will learn about the best foods and supplements for optimal health. It doesn't matter where you are now, you just need to make progress over time.

Save money on supplements and fitness products.

The supplement industry is huge and unregulated. You simply don't know what you are getting. We can help you get the very best and most bio-available supplements at the best price.

With the correct diet your supplementation needs will be less.

Get money off restaurants and food delivery services.

Members get discounts at whole-food restaurants and food delivery services. 

Get the correct medical tests.

Testing depends upon your age and nutritional status. We will advise on what tests would be beneficial. Examples would be:-

  • Serum vitamin A 25(OH)D​ * 1,25(OH)​2​D​ Calcitriol
  • Thyroid: T3, T3RU, T4, and TSH
  • Testosterone & estradiol 
  • Parathyroid Hormone​
  • High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein 
  • Serum magnesium​
  • Serum calcium
  • Electrolyte panel
  • Whole blood total riboflavin (B1)
  • Plasma B6​ Serum and RBC Folate​
  • Serum B12 Vitamin E status
  • Fasting plasma ascorbate
  • Plasma zinc
  • Plasma selenium
  • Total Glutathione​
  • 24-hour urine iodine​

Make money by referring friends

Once you become a member you immediately get to tell friends and share our link. Each link is coded so that we know where the recommendation came from. 

  • You get 20% of all referral income (so if someone joins for £15 a month you will get £3 a month each month they remain a member). If you recommend 10 friends you will get £30 !
  • Referral income also applies to our 3 month booster packages at £180. So you would receive £36.

(You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time).

£180 for 1 month

£350 for 3 months intensive

You get all the benefits of the monthly membership, but everything is done for you to get the perfect start. We will guide you on what to eat and what not to eat. You fill in an extensive questionnaire and all the rest is done for you.

  • Get the right motivation to lose weight and get your health back.
  • Eating plans (intermittent fasting or fasting schedules).
  • Supplements & lifestyle changes.
  • One-to-one support and analysis.
  • Advice on what foods and supplement to buy (with links).
  • Exercise routines reviewed by a professional trainer.
  • Restore and fire up your immune response.
  • Make lifestyle changes to avoid common toxins.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory whole foods.
  • We cover around 100 amazing foods that are nutrient dense and great for your hormones. These are traditional foods your parents and grandparents would've eaten. We also focus upon when you eat.

After you have had the initial boost, you can revert to the monthly plan at half price.

The 3 month intensive membership is bespoke (limited availability). It covers an initial dietary analysis (based on a 7 day typical eating diary), plus extensive 1-to-1 help and review throughout the 3 months.

Company membership

Our company membership that will have a positive impact on employee wellness, team engagement and overall productivity. A healthy and happy workforce reduces absence days. If you want your business to reap the benefits of having a healthy and happy team, read more here >

School Programmes

Schools can take advantage of lesson plans focused upon short sessions of daily HIIT exercises. Switching between cardio exercises, stretches and relaxing poses. The impact of exercise on brain health is greater than anyone could imagine. Movement and exercise promotes brain activity and learning.