Learn about how to prevent or reverse serious metabolic diseases. Mainstream medical advice has failed dismally over the last 50 years. Not only is conventional health care not working, it is killing us too by treating the symptoms with drugs. No one makes money when people are healthy.


Fasting is the #1 weight loss tool. Reset your body and reverse most metabolic diseases.


Gout prevention

Forget the purines, ditch the sugar! Learn how to keep gout at bay.

Gout prevention

Joint Health

Keep your joints and bones healthy and strong. All natural methods.

Bone and joint health

Erection strength and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erection strength and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erections & ED

Prostate Health

Learn how to protect  your prostrate from enlargement and cancer

Prostate health

Sleeping and insomnia

How to fall asleep again naturally, making falling asleep an effortless pleasure.

Sleeping and insomnia

Children's health

Our children are becoming fatter and are taking more drugs than ever before.

Childrens health

Oral health

Conventional dentistry and tooth care is not the way to improve your teeth.

Teeth and oral health


You don't catch heart disease - you earn it via a bad lifestyle and a bad diet.

Heart Health


What does the body do with all these imperfect or damaged cells?


Kidney Health

You can protect your kidneys by preventing or managing health conditions.

Kidney health

Drinking Guide

Are you getting the majority of your calorie from alcohol?

Drinking Guide


The gallbladder is one of the most under-rated organs. 

Gallbladder health

Thyroid health

The thyroid gland influences almost all of the metabolic processes in your body.

Thyroid health

Immune System

The immune system is the body's defence against infection.

Immune system

Eye health and eye supplements

Learn how to reduce vision loss as you get older.

Eye Health

Testosterone boosting strategy

Don't expect to add muscle & lose fat without a good T level. Boost it naturally here.

Testosterone boosting


Diabetes is a dietary disease that health professionals try and maintain with medicine.


Collagen Loading

Maximise dietary collagen intake, it gives your body a huge boost. It's 100% natural.

Collagen loading


Do not take blood pressure reducing drugs, there is a natural way.

Blood pressure


New ways to look at blood flow and arterial health.


Skin Health

Healthy skin is a window into your body. Healthy skin means a healthy body.

Skin health


Tighten your eating window for immediate health benefits and weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting

Gut health

The gut is a complex chemical factory that influences every aspect of health.

Gut and digestive health

Liver Health

The liver is the main organ for detoxification. 

Liver health


We give you several strategies to lose weight (gradual to rapid) and keep it off.

Obesity and weight

Cancer prevention

Mainstream cancer treatment has failed. Prevent and reverse cancer.

Cancer prevention

drinking guide

Are you getting the majority of your calories from alcohol?

Drinking guide

Mental health

Avoid debilitating age-related mental disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Cognitive health and acuity